THE NEW Endurace CF and updates already brilliant Endurace AL

Canyon has updated its Endurace platform with adjustments to its AL range and a new choice of Endurace CF models that bring the benefits of long-distance comfort to more affordable prices.

While endurance bikes are the opposite of buses – they fit one person, are comfortable and are built to cover solid distances without stopping – three STYLES IN ONE, RACE, ENDURACE AND GRAVEL.

Yes a very capable bicycle for all your needs. The most popular frame’s hierarchy, with Endurace CF SLX and Endurace CF SL already on the market, and adds an ‘entry-level’ carbon fibre option to proceedings and updates the existing Endurace AL to align with the design of the CF.

Canyon Endurace 2022: What’s actually new?

That starts with geometry – see full chart with sizing below – which is more upright than the brand’s racier frames as you’d expect, with a medium Endurace CF’s stack-to-reach ratio at 1.56 compared to the Ultimate CF SLX’s 1.45. What isn’t altered is the trail, though, as the brand believes its 60mm for a medium helps maintain the agility and handling throughout its range.


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